Fire Observers vzw at Fire Rescue International 2015 in Atlanta

On August 23rd 2015 Eric De Theije, Jan Van Cauwenberghe and Carl Verstrepen left Belgium for Atlanta to represent the organization at the IAFC’s Fire Rescue International.

A couple of thousands fire service leaders travelled to Georgia’s capital for the yearly convention, to attend classes and to visit numerous exhibitors down at the showroom floor. During our training program with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department in March 2014, we were invited by the Fire Chief to come over to represent and promote Fire Observers vzw since this was the event of the year to make contact with fire department policy makers.

So, during the last week of August, our 3 board members attended several events, set up a booth at the exhibit floor and showcased the organization. They were able to make contact and draw the attention of several chiefs from numerous departments. Being present here turned out to be a huge success to the organization.

Lots of chiefs were very interested in Fire Observers vzw and engaged themselves in future training programs. We also want to mention the support we have got from AFRD Fire Chief Joel Baker and numerous other AFRD employees. Without their help all this wouldn’t have been possible.

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