Fourth training program kicks off

This morning the fourth and final program for 2015 kicks off.
We have been invited by the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department in Alabama, it is the second time we will be here since a first very successful program in May 2007.
The group is a total party of 10 with members out of The Netherlands, Veurne, Eeklo, Kuurne and Gent.
Dirk Van den Berghe and Carl Verstrepen will be the teamleaders for this 50th Fire Observers project.
Once the program is finished it will be play time with places like New Orleans, Pensacola, Jacksonville, St Augustine, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, Orlando,…on the itinerary.
The group will return to Belgium on October 19th. Daily reports and picture updates can be seen on the Facebook page.

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