In general we have approximately 250 members a year. To become a member of Fire Observers vzw you need to be active within Fire, Rescue and/or EMS agencies. Our members come from all ranks, from the fresh started rookie to the 35 year veteran Fire Chief.

All Fire Observers are career or volunteer firefighters coming from governmental, industrial or military fire departments. We also have instructors at fire academies, members of special rescue agencies or emergency medical technicians and nurses active at EMS (critical care) agencies.

Once a program opens up all members can apply to participate. Selection is based on available vacancies and member signority.

The training and ride alongs we organize and conduct aren't obligated by the members' departments and agencies. When a member participates in a program it is his/her own choice and responsibility. As the matter of fact they all must take their paid time off to participate and pay all costs on their own. This demonstrates that all participating members are highly motivated and eager to learn and become better first responders.  

Member Lists

List 1    the first list contains the members that have not participated in a program.

List 2    The second list contains the members that have participated in a program before.

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