Robby Pauwels hired as Board Member


In the second half of 2016 we accepted the resignation of Patrick Vantroyen as board member to our organization. To fill in this gap the board started a search to a replacement. Two members passed the first step of the selection process and their motivation, skills, background,…were discussed during the GA of January 22nd, 2017.

Both candidates were hired and accepted as board members to Fire Observers vzw. The first candidate is Robby Pauwels who lives in Stekene where he's also a volunteer firefighter in the Waasland Fire Department. Robby is a member of our organization since 2011 and participated in the programs Reno 2013 and Long Beach 2016.

The entire Board of Fire Observers vzw would like to welcome Robby and wishes him all the best within his new position.


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