Message from the President




Today the programs for 2016 were published.

As President and Chairman for Fire Observers vzw I'm very proud on the 2016 offer, more importantly because in 2016 we celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Our organization originated in 1996 right after a private training program to San Diego, CA.

The 2016 programs are 4 top-notch projects:

Miami-Dade: The fire department protecting and serving the citizens of Dade County surrounding the city of Miami. The department is known to be a very good and progressive fire and rescue department with a huge and divers fleet of engines, trucks, boats, helicopters,… Together with Fairfax County, VA Miami-Dade was a pioneer for many years in USAR and was first due on numerous disasters all over the world.

Houston: The largest department of Texas and the 3rd largest of the the US. A strong developed and progressive fire department and trend-setting for many years within fire suppression and EMS.

Long Beach: The 7th city of California located in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. A very densely populated area with a diversity of residential area, interstates, airports, beaches,…and a large part of the Port of Los Angeles.

Phoenix: Largest city within the state of Arizona and for many years well known as one of the most progressive fire departments in the United States. Under the leadership of the legendary Chief Alan Brunacini, fire department and customer service were two terms combined to one and introduced in the world of fire services.  

I wish all our members success with the application process. I hope you will be selected and I look forward seeing you on one of our programs in 2016!





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