Robby Pauwels

Robby Pauwels – Board member


Robby Pauwels lives in Stekene and is a member of Fire Observers vzw since 2012. One of his colleagues fired him up through his participation on the San Diego program in 2012.

In 2013 got selected for the training program with the Reno Fire Department in Nevada. He stayed a true member and was selected once again in 2016 for Long Beach, California. Together with his lovely wife Nancy he was able to cross the pond for a private trip to NYC.

The Board of Fire Observers vzw hired and welcomed Robby to become a very active board member to plan, organize and escort future training programs. 

Robby works as a Process Operator for a chemical company in the Port of Antwerp and he is a volunteer firefighter since 2011 for the Waasland Fire Department, Stekene station.









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