Fire Observers march in Delray Beach St. Patrick’s Day parade

In March 5 members of Fire Observers vzw will head to Florida to participate in the Delray Beach St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Since 2012  they represent our organization, our departments and our countries (Belgium and The Netherlands) while they march in their best uniforms, shoulder to shoulder with some thousand firefighters, law enforcement and military personnel in front of several thousands spectators.

They participate in this parade since 2012 after they got an invitation during their training program with Palm Beach County Fire & Rescue in 2011.


The Parade Marshalls for the 2016 edition of the parade will be 60 WW2 veterans. They will open and lead up the parade.

Our delegation offered their help to escort them during the parade. We’re very grateful and honored to march with them and show them our respect and gratitude for what they did a little over 70 years ago.


The organizing group behind the parade asked us to send them some video footage in like an interview kinda way…

We got another idea which resulted in this video.


The parade will step off on March 12th 2016. Pictures and video will appear on our Facebook page, full written report and more pictures will be published on our website.  


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