September 11th



Today we share the world in the grief for loved ones, friends, colleagues,… 13 Years ago…nearly 3000 people were killed in serious attacks to the US and to the world. 414 of them were first responders with our brothers and sisters from the FDNY being hit the hardest with no less than 343 firemen. Numerous others died in the years following due to events of that day.

Every single day we're remembered to that that horrific day 13 years ago… As for the world of emergency workers, we swallowed the bitter pil of their losses, honored them during funerals, grieved at their graves, laughed while bringing up and sharing pictures and memories and we learned. We learned from this day and we adapted to the needs of our job. The loss of our 343 brothers was the lead to better emergency response… Thanks to them we provide a better protection and a better care today!

Our thoughts go out to those lost that day…



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